I think that’s something everyone with an Instagram account can agree on. 

You had it all figured out. An outdoor ceremony followed by a barn reception in the summer. Stringer lights, lots of greenery, and a delicious steak dinner. Done! 

Until your scrolling led you to a church ceremony followed by a ballroom reception in the winter, with chandeliers over the dance floor and classic floral arrangements accenting every table. Plus a post from your best friend announcing she’s gone vegan. Again. 

So much for that steak dinner. And the barn. And every other decision you came so close to making. 

Maybe you should just elope. Or maybe you should give yourself permission to design a day that makes you happy first.

Can I let you in on a secret? 

That’s the real key to creating wedding images that never go out of style.

Especially when you’re trying to plan a wedding.

Comparison can be annoying

1 // I take color-matching cues from nature. 

The coloration of my imagery evolves throughout the year in keeping with the changing of the seasons. Spring, summer, and fall weddings are infused with golden tones, while winter weddings take on cooler hues. Staying as close as possible to the true colors of nature ensures that you’ll receive everlasting images that won’t go out of style. My goal is to create bold, rich photographs that look the way your wedding felt. 

4 // I believe in letting your story take the lead.

Because of that, I’ll never sacrifice emotion for perfection. When you hire me as your wedding photographer you'll receive polished, editorial wall hangers. But I also promise to deliver moments that are perfectly-imperfect in all of their realness. You deserve the whole picture.

3 // I create whimsical, dreamy images.  

Captures that are a bit softer. Messier. Fluid. Emotive. Architectural lines, hard edges, and city scenes aren’t my forte. I’m more inspired by raw landscapes and windblown hair. 

2 // I photograph with a painterly perspective.

I was an artist before becoming a photographer. Years of sketching and oil painting taught me the importance of composition, which is something I keep top of mind every time I’m shooting. Don’t worry about what to do with your hands or where to stand. I’ll take the lead by guiding you into poses that feel natural, yet look beautifully composed.

Here are a few words about mine.

Speaking of style...

“Extremely talented, and artistic. Love how she uses nature, really gets to know her subject and incorporates that into every photograph. She is a fun, wonderful person as well!”


Love how she uses nature.

“She's more than a photographer—she's an artist.”

“Lydia was wonderful to work with! She took her time and is always willing to try something new. We took pictures in several different locations and they all turned out amazing. She truly brings out the natural beauty in every couple and scenery.” —Michala


It’s an Ephesians 3:20-21 kind of story, and I couldn’t be more grateful that it’s mine.

Most photographers have an origin story that begins on the first day they picked up a camera. Mine starts on the first day I picked up a paint brush in elementary school. From that time on, art was my passion. The only problem?

I was going to be a farmer.

I grew up on a small family dairy farm in Owego that was owned and operated by my parents, and knew from an early age that I wanted to follow in their footsteps...with one exception. I would own a beef herd to avoid the hard work of milking!

Art became increasingly important to me as time went on, and ultimately I decided to study Studio Art in college with the goal of becoming a fine art painter. Then I switched my major to Animal Science. Then I switched it back again. I think you see where this is going. I was torn, and couldn’t envision a future that incorporated everything I loved.

After getting married and starting a family, I rediscovered an old camera and instantly became hooked on photography. Long story short, my camera has become my canvas and my computer is now my paint brush. I delight in playing with perspective, working magic with light, and amplifying colors to create depth and richness. And when my kids are playing and I sit down to edit photos, I look out my window and see a perfect little beef herd grazing on our small family farm.

But that’s exactly what the Lord has given me through LLarson Photography. 

A full-time wedding photographer who was “supposed” to be a farmer. Or an artist. Certainly not both. 

Hello, I’m Lydia!

You deserve to remember every detail.


In all likelihood, your wedding portraits won’t ever be displayed in a gallery or a museum. But they will accent the walls of your home, where they'll function as daily reminders of the promises you made to one another. That makes your wedding memories every bit as valuable as the finest collection of art...and as your photographer, that's exactly how I will approach capturing them.

Images that capture the broad strokes of your wedding day aren’t enough.